Motor Grader

    1. 713H Rated output(KW): 97
      Operating weight(Kg): 12000
    1. 717H Rated output(KW): 132
      Operating weight(Kg): 14500
    1. 719H Rated output(KW): 142/143
      Operating weight(Kg): 15600/15900
    1. 722H Rated output(KW): 162
      Operating weight(Kg): 16100
    1. 722-5 Rated output(KW): 162
      Operating weight(Kg): 16600
    1. 725H Rated output(KW): 179
      Operating weight(Kg): 21000

Sinomach is a leading construction engineering equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, Sinomach started the business since 1961, has over 50 year manufacturing experience in heavy equipment field. Lager scale of production, Sinomach is capable to offer high quality motor graders with reasonable price to global users.
Sinomach can be good heavy equipment exporter in China, Sinomach knows how serve the international buyers and users, how to supply the parts of construction machinery to users. Besides the motor graders, Sinomach provide other road construction equipment such as wheel loader, crawler excavator, crawler bulldozer and road roller for customers.